Set in Legno Cartamundi + 200 Fiches 14 Gr Personalizzare + 2 Mazzi Carte + Dea

Belouve did a presentation on OSINT and TraceLabs. Here are some links relevant to that talk, or from the slide deck:

♥ 90s LASER COMMAND LASER TAG GAME SET ♥♦ Ammortizzatori ant. emulsione Kyosho MP9 TKI4 - IFW471

(You will likely need to register and join their Slack)


Hunchly Tool and Hunchly Training

(select items over on the left side). Also this site is where you can download

(To take notes, is cross-platform) and (mapping out connections)

I (Belouve) will probably keep this list updated as I get more resources dug up.

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December Meeting Recap

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November, and future!

So if it’s not apparent, we’re terrible at actually updating the website. November meeting is taking place as scheduled, see you Friday the 2nd!

♦ Braccetti in alluminio anodizzato per Axial SCX-10, Dingo e Honcho (A1014)

If you’re reading this and it’s past November, check the meeting link above. 1st Friday of every month!


♦ Carrozzeria 1 10 Crawler WARRIOR, White, RTU all-In (A1345) Posted in Firsties |

Our next meet is happening on Friday! see /meetings/ for location details.

♦ Cgoldna centrale 47T Kyosho Mp9 - IF410-47B

This meeting I will be doing one of the more interesting demos I did a few years back.
did someone say laser microphones? (note to some of the other members… no 5mw or higher lasers please…)

See you there!

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Welcome to 2018!

dc414’s next meet is tomorrow, 2/02/2018. Will the hacker see his shadow? I hope so, because that means he’s at dc414!

♦ Kit 19 Cuscinetti Traxxas Slash Pro 2Wd Oba (58034-2) - Prec. ABEC 5♦ Kit 22 Cuscinetti Axial Scx10 (AX90022 - Trail Honcho) - Prec. ABEC 5♦ Kit 24 Cuscinetti Hot Bodies E817T - Precisione ABEC 5

Meetings are always 1st Friday of the month. Seefor details!


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October’s meet is days away!

Our next meet is happening on Friday!  see /meetings/  for location details.

See you there!


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1337 badge from the shoot won!

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♦ Kit 26 Cuscinetti Tekno Eb48 - Precisione ABEC 5
♦ Motore Hobbywing Xerun 4268SD Brushless Motor G2 1900kV Sensored for 1 8 (A186 Posted in | Leave a comment

Whoa. A meeting recap.


So what did we all do?

Caleb – Presented on Crafting Digital Radio Signals, to Control Things

He has a about his Digital Radio Signals, and that was a majority of what was presented.  He was able to do a live demo of the capture of a remote outlet, and replay of the capture.

There was also “a peculiar signal hiccup”, wherein the signal to the remote outlet would not be received.  It would be similar to a jamming signal, if jamming radio signals were allowed.  Good thing we abide by all RF rules.

He demonstrated the ability to observe vehicle remote locking, and showed the lock and unlock signal.

njRAT v0.7d – Part Two

A part two would make sense with part one, but ::shrug::

Showed off the njRAT v0.7d that came along for the ride on a torrent. njRAT is a remote-access Trojan that has been used for the last few years. A 2013 report from General Dynamics / Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions goes over detailed indicators, domains, and TTP’s in conjunction with attacks using njRAT.  It is also apparently up to version 0.9.  The malware is making a comeback, and maybe due to some evasion techniques shown. (or people just continue to be dumb in downloading from torrents.  That could be it too)

♦ Servo Brushless ingr. Tiatanio Power HD B2 (35.0kg 0.14sec) (A1198)♦ T-Shirt Rossa Kyosho K-Fade 2.0 XL - 88002XL⚡️JOB LOT⚡️ of Vintage MIGHTY MAX Toys & Figures by blueebird toys

Instead, do some tech magic (someone can add detail) using Base64 in Microsoft Visual Studio.  Runs now, the EXE is loaded, and it doesn’t trigger alerts or errors.

0.2mm Ultralight Texas Holdem Real Carbon Fiber Waterproof Poker Playing Cards007 James Bond Car Collection No 7 Toyota 2000GT You Only Live Twice

And hey, we have a remote desktop!

If we turn on the remote webcam function…

…hey!  This is why you should tape over your webcams! And we had keyloggers, microphone access, and chats available too!

So, just don’t trust things that are pirated from the Interwebz.

Do you want this for yourself?  Do a search for njRAT or njRAT v0.7d, and you can have it yourself.  (or, it seems 0.9 is around) You will have to compile/tinker/tech magic it yourself, though.

Picking on Level 3

Well, not directly.  We were shown a few links to see Internet health

Dynatrace , Dynatrace Keynote, and DownDetector

We just couldn’t help noticing how bad Level3 looked at the time.

Hacking the HooToo HT-TM05

So this is a $40 Travel Router, and we can HACK THE SHIT OUT OF IT


Has WiFi built in, (added?) a 128GBD SSD, and it has a full Linux kernel on it now, OpenWRT, and Powered by LuCi.  Portable power that also lasts a good portion of the day.

Can do a File Server, put movies onto it, or put a web forum on it.  We plan to set one or more of these up and carry them around DEFCON 25.

0126 Dauer 962 Speed Run 1 8 GT 325mm body Hobao Serpent Cobra Traxxas Slash

Relevant GitHub that may be useful

Some were also interested in the PirateBox , that can be built on hardware for about $35.

Something something CYPHERCON

Yeah.  See @cyphercon or cyphercon.com if you have no clue here.

If you have a better recollection of things from our meeting, good for you! Also, we could probably use that info in this update.  Comment or edit, or e-mail some DC414 folk about your contributions.



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Monthly Public Meetup – Dec 02 2016

Join us at


7625 S Howell Ave
Oak Creek, WI 53154

at 7PM

Look for “The Bailey Building” sign. See meetings/ for more information.

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